Speaker Profile: Craig Hayes

Craig Hayes

Craig Hayes

Craig Hayes is Dental Management Secret’s resident office management expert.

Craig manages a practice of 11 dentists and 50 support staff that delivers close to $12 million, which doubled in size in only 6 years. That is despite the recession!

Craig has been in the management industry for 21 years, handling small businesses to large corporate structures, and leading team sizes ranging from 4 to 300 employees.

He brought his expertise to the field of dentistry and has since helped a long list of dental office managers lead their respective teams more efficiently.

Dental office managers are already among the best employees in every practice and with Craig’s help, they can achieve even greater potential. Craig has been sharing his HR expertise with managers so they can run the office well and make things a lot easier for their dentists and staff.

Craig’s strong knowledge of Employment Standards in each region as well as his expertise in dental automation are only two of his qualifications in dental office management.

Most important, Craig makes every consultation or seminar an enjoyable experience for all attendees with his fun and upbeat personality.

Give your dental office manager the opportunity to hone their skills as a leader. See them improve professionally and personally.

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