The Calgary & District Dental Society Executive

The CDDS is comprised of the following annually elected board members.


Dr. Meggan Schiffner

T: 587-223-4732 | F: n/a

Vice President

Dr. Vivienne Allain

Dr. Vivienne Allain

T: 403-244-3339 | F: 403-988-2123

Past President

Dr. Tom Wierzbicki

T: 403-727-5307 |  F: 403-727-5278


Dr. Sonja Tosic

Dr. Sonja Tosic  

T: 403-803-1218


Dr Shannon Davis

Dr. Shannon Davis

T: 403-457-8400 |  F: 403-775-4409


Dr. Dana Van Eslande

Dr. Dana Van Elslande

T: 403-278-3232  Cell: (403) 808-3977


Sponsorship Coordinator

Dr. Bryce Adamson

Dr. Bryce Adamson

T: (403) 278-2688


Dr. Mostafa AltalibiDr. Mostafa Altalibi   T: (403) 296-9600

Dr. Kevin RobertsonDr. Kevin Robertson  T: (403) 263-5193 | F: (403) 269-7557

Executive Assistant

Mitchell Murphy

T: 403-612-5645 F: 403-239-9646
P.O. Box 72161,
RPO Glenmore Landing
Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H0

If you have any questions about or for the CDDS Executive Board, please use our contact form.