Membership FAQs

This page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of the Calgary & District Dental Society. The questions are below are related to CDDS membership inquiries. If your question is in regards to general dental FAQs, please click here.

ANNUAL FEE: What is the cost to become a member?
Since we are not paying for a venue, meals or hosting any social events this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are pleased to offer a significantly reduced rate. The 2022-2023 yearly membership fee is $699 (before August 31, 2022) and is payable Online via our website. If you register after August 31st, 2022, your fee is $799. There is NO per seminar fee. Full annual payment is required to obtain access to any of the Online Webinars.
COURSES: When and What are the upcoming lectures for the CDDS?
The CDDS courses are listed in every monthly newsletter that our members receive. They are also listed on this website.
NONMEMBERS: Can non-member dentists attend CDDS Courses?
No, you must become a member to attend a seminar. Full annual membership entitles you to attend all in-person and webinar presentations for the year; September, October, November & December 2022 and January & February 2023. There may be an additional March 2023 speaker depending on speaker availability & budget. We do not have a per seminar fee at this time.
COURSES: Can I register for just one Seminar?
No, we do not allow payment for one seminar only. You must register as a member to receive access to all the lectures, allowing you to choose which seminars you want to attend.
COURSES: Can other Dental Office personnel attend CDDS Courses?
All dental office staff of member dentists are welcome to attend except for the “dentists only” lecture in September 2020. The fee for CDDS members and staff has also been reduced this year to $60 per seminar. Only Hygienists and Assistants that have paid the $75 fee will get proof of attendance for their CE, which they will need to submit to their regulatory body themselves.

Advanced registration can be done online 2 weeks prior to the lecture by having the CDDS members log in to the website and register their staff members.

Non-CDDS members staff can attend the seminar by becoming a full non-dentist member, which is $599 before August 31, 2022, or $699 after August 31, 2022, and can attend all seminars or only choose to attend some.

PAYMENT: Does the CDDS accept VISA, MASTERCARD, etc.?
Yes. CDDS membership payments are via PayPal at, and therefore, virtually any credit card or debit card can be used to make a payment.
REGISTRATION: Who do I contact to inquire about CE Points for attendance, the attendance scan / sign-in procedures, etc.?
The CDDS Executive Administration will be cross-referencing each person who signs in to the webinar with our membership list and then sending that list to the ADA&C for CE credit.
REGISTRATION: Can I join the CDDS if I am new to the province?
Yes, only if you have registered with ADA&C as a member dentist. If you are a dentist from another province, you will need to check with your regulatory body about whether they will accept ADA & C CE credits.
NEWSLETTER: Can I place a Notice or Advertisement in the CDDS newsletter?
Members can place ads in the Members Notice Section of the newsletter for no charge. Text can be emailed to the CDDS office Non-members can place ¼ page ads for $500, ½ page ads for $1000 and a full-page ad for $2000 in the Advertisement section.
NEWSLETTER: How do I know the submission date for the CDDS newsletter?
Please email our administrative assistant for details on the newsletter at
MEMBERSHIP: What is the Membership year, and when are CDDS membership fees due?
The CDDS membership year is from August 1 – July 31 of the following year. Renewal of the membership can be done Online beginning on August 1st. The applicant will enjoy a reduced rate if paid prior to August 31. After the 31st, the dues are the regular amount.
WEBINAR LINKS: When can I register for the webinar, then sign up & receive the webinar link?
Members will be able to register for the LIVE WEBINAR on the Thursday prior to the webinar, and the webinar link will be sent to our members the day before the LIVE WEBINAR day.
WEBINAR OFFLINE VIEWING: How long will the webinar be available for viewing?
The recorded webinar will be available for 2 weeks following the live webinar.
WEBINAR ONLINE VIEWING: How much bandwidth is needed to watch the webinar?
A bandwidth of at least 1 Mbps is recommended for acceptable viewing since there will be multiple slide changes, screen sharing and audio used during the Webinar Powerpoint Presentation. Less bandwidth will still work, but the session performance may suffer because of it. More bandwidth will provide a superior experience. For the less savvy IT people, you should basically be able to stream a movie on your device to have a positive webinar experience.
WEBINAR CE CREDITS: How will I get CE Credit for viewing the webinar? How many CE credits will I get for viewing the Webinar?
LIVE WEBINAR ATTENDEES: Just like regular meetings you can expect to receive 5-6 hours of CE depending on how long the speaker’s webinar is. The CDDS Executive Administrator will be cross-checking the names of attendees for the LIVE WEBINAR and the MEMBERSHIP LIST and sending this list to the ADA & C for credits.

RECORDED WEBINAR VIEWERS: To obtain CE points after viewing the recorded webinar you must answer a questionnaire (of 5 questions) which you will send to Questionnaires should be submitted right after you have viewed the recorded webinar (as you will NOT be able to review the webinar past the two-week period if you need to review it again to answer the questions). If you get 80% correct (4 of 5 questions correct) you will be sent a certificate which you must upload on the ADA website for credits. If you are not from Alberta you must check with your regulatory body to see if they will accept ADA & C CE credits.

If you have a question that we have not answered above, please feel free to use our contact form to contact us.

The Calgary and District Dental Society is a voluntary professional organization representing the dentists of the Calgary Region. It is dedicated to the highest ethical standards, involvement in the community, the provision of exemplary oral health care, and attainment of optimal health for the people of the Calgary Region.