CDDS Objectives

The Calgary & District Dental Society is an organization committed to promoting and teaching the benefits of oral health to the public while, as importantly, promoting good fellowship within the Dental Profession to support the ethical and professional practice and scientific advancement of dentists practicing in the City of Calgary and District.

As either a member of the public or a Dental Professional, we invite you to seek the extensive resources, support, and benefits of this website and the Society itself. Existing to unit the community, Dental Professionals, and all other organizations and professions interested in the physical, moral, spiritual, and scientific well being of mankind as it relates to dentistry within this city and its district.

The objectives of The Calgary and District Dental Society will be:

  1. The advancement of the science and the art of dentistry.
  2. The promotion of good fellowship and fraternal feelings within the Dental Profession and with all other organizations and/or professions interested in the physical, moral, spiritual and/or scientific well being of mankind in the city and district.
  3. The promotion and teaching of the objectives, purposes and benefits of dentistry for and to the people at large.
  4. The promotion of the ethical practice of dentistry.

The Calgary and District Dental Society is a voluntary professional organization representing the dentists of the Calgary Region. It is dedicated to the highest ethical standards, involvement in the community, the provision of exemplary oral health care, and attainment of optimal health for the people of the Calgary Region.