CDDS Member Staff Sign Up Tutorial

Dear CDDS Members,

The new CDDS website now accommodates your entire team! If you are a CDDS Dentist, Senior Dentist or New Graduate member you can now add team members to your membership and have them attend CDDS seminars at the reduced rate of $50 per person per seminar.

As the principal member you can now start the sign up process for your team directly from the My Staff tab in your My Profile section. In the My Staff section you can see which staff members are already signed up, as well as which staff members are still requiring validation. Additionally should your staff member leave your employ, you can manage your team members by removing any staff from your profile, thus allowing them to be re-associated with another Dentist member.

Otherwise simply enter in the staffs email address to invite them to join the CDDS. The invited staff member then receives an email with a link to complete the sign up process. As soon as they complete the sign up process and associate themselves with your member account, you will receive an email asking you to validate them. Or you can validate them from the My Staff tab at any time. Additionally staff members can now sign themselves up from the Join Us section of our website. They will require your member email in order to associate themselves with your account.

Once validated, you can either sign them up through your member login to attend seminars at the reduced price of $50 per staff member. Additionally, staff members will appear as a list on the seminar page, just add them to the cart 1 at a time (until you have added all your staff members) and then complete the checkout process. As well staff members who want to attend individual seminars can login with their own email and password and pay for their own seminars. Once the checkout process is complete you will be emailed all the tickets for the team. The staff member will be emailed their own individual ticket.

If for some reason a staff member is unable to attend a seminar. You can (prior) to the event cancel their attendance by logging in to your My Profile and going to your Order History. From here you can view your order and cancel staff attendance (as well as your own). Cancelling a paid order sends a refund request to the CDDS admin team and will normally be processed in 2 to 3 business days.

There are no cancellations allowed after 8:00am the day of the seminar.

We hope this tutorial clarifies the sign up process and administration of your team members!

Thank you for your continued support of the CDDS!