CUPS Dental Hygienist Opportunities

**Our Hygienist Volunteer Opportunities is Suspended For Now.
We Will Re-Open This Opportunity in the Future**

What is the Weekday Dental Clinic?

The weekday dental clinic at CUPS Dental is for Children and Adults who low income, vulnerable, marginalized and often homeless patients who require general dental services.

In the weekday clinic we provide most of the services of a regular dental clinic including cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays, check-ups, sealants and much more.

Patients that are seen during the weekday clinic must be low income and have some type of dental coverage. If patients are covered by ADSC/AB Works we know they are already screened for low income eligibility, if they hold another form of private dental insurance we do a tax/income assessment and verify income level. There is a sliding scale based on their income and coverage as to what fee guide they are set at for the clinic.

Your Commitment

Since we require your services during weekdays, you need to be available and commit to CUPS Dental for only 1 day per week during a 6 to 8 week period.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please ensure that you are licensed dental assistant in the Province of Alberta. Please contact either Dr. Muoi Leong or Alicia Skitch at CUPS Dental to learn more.

Hygiene Malpractice

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association has malpractice coverage for its members. In Alberta we are required to have a CDHA membership to practice for the liability coverage. Unsupervised hygienists have the option to increase their coverage.

As CUPS works with vulnerable populations, CUPS staff and volunteers need to be professional, collaborative, non-judgmental and compassionate.

We are very grateful to our Volunteers for sharing of their time and themselves to help CUPS!

If you wish to volunteer, contact Dr. Muoi Leong at Or contact Alicia Skitch at CUPS Dental Program at or (403) 206-1060.