CUPS Dental Testimonials

At CUPS, we want all our Volunteers to have a rewarding and enriching experience when volunteering their time and expertise at CUPS Dental.

Here are some testimonials from Dentists and Team Members who have had the experience of volunteering!

“I had the pleasure to volunteer some time at the CUPS Dental Clinic last year and I would jump at the chance to do so again! I had the pleasure of screening and treating children who would not otherwise have access to dental care. There are many reasons why children are not seen regularly by a dentist, or at all, for that matter, the chief one being financial. The team at CUPS works hard to remove these barriers to care, and is successful by, in effect, bringing dental care directly to these children, who may suffer in pain otherwise. I would encourage others to volunteer at CUPS to use our unique, specific skills as dental professionals to improve the lives of people in our own community, who we rarely have the opportunity to encounter in our private practices. With a small commitment from many of us, we can make a big difference in the dental health of this under-served, but appreciative population.”

Dr. Farida Saher

“Working as a volunteer at cups dental for a day wa one of the most memorable days in my life and a wonderful experience. The staff are kind and very helpful and I got to meet lots of wonderful people. I also had the privilege to do root canals for great souls that appreciated my work and might have otherwise had to extract their teeth due to their circumstances in life. I found this experience to be stress free, fun and full of spiritual rewards.A good way to get away from the stressful every day life of a dentist!”

Dr. Nahal Vessal

“After a week working long hours at a private clinic, I always looked forward to my weekend shifts at the CUPS Dental Clinic. From being greeted cheerfully by patients and staff, to providing meaningful care to those in need, the experience was a gratifying and uplifting one.

The best part of being a CUPS Dental Clinic volunteer is connecting with patients, and hearing their stories. I will always remember Doug, an older man who lived at the Mustard Seed, and came to see me several times, always with a tattered copy of a car magazine to show me the latest models. He was hopeful that addressing his multiple dental issues was a step towards getting his life back on track.

Dr. Kuen Chow’s vision and tireless efforts directing the CUPS Dental Clinic has created an efficient and collegial environment where low-income Calgarians can receive the dental care they would not otherwise be able to afford. The clinic offers the full scope of dental care, from preventative dentistry including check-ups, to restorations, extractions and many other services for both children and adults.

The CUPS Dental Clinic is not just an oasis for the patients who come to address their dental concerns, it is also refuge for the volunteers who are fortunate to have an opportunity to help out!”

Dr. Tom Wierzbicki

“In the past few years, I have attempted to volunteer for CUPS whenever possible. Calgary has been treated me very well, so I think it’s the time for me to give back to our local community. Volunteering for CUPS is an opportunity to make a direct positive impact for many much less fortunate with dental needs. It’s also a blessing for me as my surgery skills have improved so much. As the words of Duane Hulse: “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”, here are changes that will make a difference for the oral health of many people. Just donate a few hours, but we can make a person’s life better, more comfortable. I hope that CUPS will be able to continue and expand the professional dental team on its brigades.”

Dr. Tan Dat Tran

We are very grateful to our Volunteers for sharing of their time and themselves to help CUPS!

If you wish to volunteer, contact Dr. Muoi Leong at Or contact Alicia Skitch at CUPS Dental Program at or (403) 206-1060.